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Equine Veterinary Services in the Upstate

Equine Veterinary Services in the Upstate

Looking for equine veterinary services in the Upstate? Then you need to check out Palmetto Equine Veterinary Services in the Upstate of South Carolina, Townville to be exact.. We recently decided to breed our horse. My daughter has owned Skippers Interest,aka Ladybug, for 9 years. She rides her every week and loves spending all day with her on weekends. Breeding her beloved horse seemed like the right thing to do so she can have a next generation of her Ladybug.

We definitely needed equine care in the Upstate. But where do we begin? We weren’t sure. So we used our faithful internet searches to locate stallions and research the equine care process. After deciding on a sire, we were then challenged with finding a vet in the Upstate to help with the process. With more internet searching and some recommendations, we decided to consider Palmetto Equine Veterinary Services.

Dr. Alexandra Tracey owns the facility and promptly returned my call to discuss the process with me. She was attentive and took her time to answer my questions. And believe me I had a lot of questions. I felt very confident in the equine care Ladybug would receive at Palmetto. Barbie, their receptionist, is a jewel! I don’t have a horse trailer, so it took several reschedules and many phone calls and Barbie was always understanding and pleasant. She even offered suggestions and helped us look for someone to get Ladybug to Palmetto Equine. By the time we finally got Ladybug to Palmetto, I felt like I was finally meeting a long-lost friend!!

When we arrived at Palmetto Equine, Barbie greeted me with excitement. I was very impressed with the facility. Not only was it well organized and immaculate, but Dr. Bottger’s assistant met us at the trailer (lots of pull through space, no backing required!) and took Ladybug to Dr. Bottger. Dr. Bottger made recommendations after the exam and within minutes we had a plan for Ladybug. We left her there until it was time for the procedure. She does not like a stall and the staff accommodated by establishing a schedule that allowed her to be in her paddock all day. Throughout the week-long preparation, Dr. Bottger called me each day to update me on her progress. When we picked her up, they continued to help us with loading very clear instructions on Ladybug’s care until our next ultrasound.

We won’t know for 14 days if Ladybug is in foal. We sure hope that she is. But one thing we do know is that Dr. Bottger and the staff at Palmetto Equine took great care of our Ladybug and I would surely recommend their services to anyone in the Upstate. Reproductive health is only one of the services offered at Palmetto Equine Veterinary Services. Checkout their website at for more information.

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